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Marvelous Mesh Postpartum Boyshort (3-Pack)

Marvelous Mesh Postpartum Boyshort (3-Pack)

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Say hello to your hospital bag MVP! The prettiest postpartum mesh you ever did see, we designed our boyshort with maximum softness + stretch so you can be swaddled in comfort as you recover from a vaginal birth or c-section. 

  • SOFT + BREATHABLE: Goodbye, tight, itchy hospital-grade mesh! These new-and-improved wide-weave postpartum boyshorts were designed to feel gentle against sore lady bits, bum, and incisions as they heal. 
  • STRETCHY WITH LIGHT COMPRESSION:  With a higher waist, longer leg, and a wider inseam, these undies have maximum stretch power for holding your padsicle in place (no shifting!) and for comfort against stitches in vaginal, perineal, and c-section areas. 
  • CUTENESS FACTOR: We searched far and wide for the perfect shade of pink, a major upgrade from the traditional ho-hum hospital white. 
  • LONGER-LASTING: Better quality than the average disposable mesh, these boyshorts can be washed on gentle or hand-washed up to 10 times. Sure to become a go-to fave in the first 6 to 8 weeks of postpartum, these gems were made to stick around for a bit. 
  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST: Our comfortable boyshort silhouette was designed to work for a wide range of body types. Size is similar to a US XL. 
INSIDE: 3 Pairs of Mesh Boyshorts in Pink