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Perfect Peri Bottle

Perfect Peri Bottle

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Say goodbye to the hospital squirt bottles of yore. Introducing the peri bottle you never knew you needed: An upside-down, portable bidet to care for tender vaginal and perineal areas postpartum.

  • CLEANSING: The Perfect Peri’s gentle, shower-esque stream easily cleanses the vagina and perineum, lessening that ouch factor of irritating toilet paper or wipes. 
  • SOOTHING: No more time-consuming sitz baths! The peri’s soft stream of water soothes your sore lady bits and bum.
  • ERGONOMIC UPSIDE-DOWN DESIGN: No awkward hand-in-toilet action required: upside-down design and angled neck allows you to spray up to 10 oz of water “down there” with ease.
  • PORTABLE: Has a retractable nozzle with a sanitary cover, and a discreet, waterproof storage bag for bathroom trips at the hospital, at home, or on-the-go. 
  • C-SECTION FRIENDLY: If you’re a c-section mama, allows you to clean your vagina and incisions without pressure. 
INSIDE: 1 Peri Bottle + 1 Waterproof Travel Bag