Our Story – Jenny + Evie

Our Story

Our Story

Jenny and Jaime are two moms who met when they moved to the same town in the Boston ‘burbs.  Set up on a “mom date” by a mutual good friend, they quickly swapped birth stories (and a few Britney gifs) and knew they had to do SOMETHING together to help new moms in the throws of postpartum. They always found themselves asking the same question: When a baby is born, she’s showered with love, care, time and attention — but don’t new moms need those very same things? Putting to good use their combined experience in clinical psychology, education, writing, and motherhood, they decided to make it their mission to create better postpartum products (starting with replacing the standard mesh undies given out in hospitals with a softer, pinker, comfier design) and Jenny + Evie was born (named in honor of the year Jen spent nannying for her nephew, Evie, in NYC). Jaime + Jenny’s vision is to continue creating products that make new moms feel beautiful, supported, and cared for during postpartum and as they transition into motherhood.

J+E Founders

Name: Jenny Desaulniers

From: Valley Cottage, NY

Lives in: Sudbury, MA

Kids’ names: Benny + Johnny

Alma Mater: Northeastern (BA) + U of Hartford (PsyD)

Guilty pleasure: Interior design, true crime docs, McDonald’s, and all the coffee

Something people don’t know about you: Was a professionally-trained ballerina 

Biggest pet peeve: Teeth on wooden ice cream spoons, pillows on the floor

Motherhood in 3 words: LOVE, consuming, transformative

Messiest mom moment: When my first was a newborn, I was so tired that I fell asleep while breastfeeding and dreamt that I was “saving” him from falling...I woke up mid-dive across the floor with him in my arms (where he had been the whole time)!

Proudest mom moment: Every time my sons do something kind

Motherhood mantra: Be curious, not furious


Name: Jaime Budzienski

From: Andover, CT

Lives in: Sudbury, MA

Kids’ names: Jake, James, + Zoe

Alma Mater: Emerson College (BFA) + UMASS Boston (MEd)

Guilty pleasure: Twizzlers+Riesling, Mad Men re-runs, Target Dollar Spot

Something people don’t know about me: Wrote (a few) novels that never made it out of the drawer 

Biggest pet peeve: Moms who don’t root for other moms. Motherhood is hard enough! We have to lift each other up

Motherhood in 3 words: Relentless, grounding, heart-stopping

Messiest mom moment: When I forgot it was picture day at my son’s daycare and I sent him in a shirt that was ripped and stained. I still feel guilty about it! 

Proudest mom moment: When my kids are fighting all day, but then I overhear them being nice to each other 

Motherhood mantra: Just because you have a bad day, doesn’t mean you’re not a great mom 

Jenny’s + Jaime’s Favorite Things

  • Women supporting women
  • Pink anything
  • Boston in Springtime
  • NYC in Autumn 
  • A good red lip
  • Libraries
  • The Atlantic Ocean
  • Pantone color guides 
  • Paperies
  • Anything French
  • Peonies + hydrangeas
  • All the cheese
  • A good BLT 
  • Dateline 
  • Labor + Delivery nurses (angels on earth) 
  • Spicy Grapefruit Margaritas 
  • Sara Blakely
  • Our Honeys

Our Message For Moms

Hey there mamas-to-be + new mamas,

Becoming a mother is beautiful + amazing, but it's also really hard + messy, on a lot of levels. New mamas need ALL the TLC they can get, and we can't wait to help out with that. 

You've Got This!  And We've Got You!


Jenny + Jaime





Photos: Lyndsay Hannah Photography